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ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit
ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit
ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit
ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit
ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit
ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit

ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit

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Love your ALP, but not so crazy about the haptics? Wish your OTG pinball could sound and feel like the real machines? Then our AtGames Legends Pinball Haptics Upgrade Kit is the answer for you!

Our plug and play kit comes with everything you need to transform your ALP Haptics into a whole new experience, including all the wires, connectors, power supplies etc. A few tools are needed; see Wagner's Tech Talk guide below for all the details.

This ALP Haptics Kit does not require a 7.1 Sound card in order to function. As a result, it is not designed to give full SSF effects, but rather a very close substitute, especially with VPX (and also FX3 and FP PinEvent tables set up with DOLFinx). It is, however, possible to upgrade further to full 7.1 SSF with additional add-ons. More details will be released shortly, or contact us for more information.

The kit as constructed by default is designed for our Deluxe 2 speaker backboxes or the Stock ALP Backbox. However, if you have a 4 speaker backbox and/or separate amp in your backbox, select the "Deluxe 4 speaker version". There are a few minor differences. DO NOT order the 4 speaker kit if you don't have a backbox amp or it will not work. Upgrading from the 2 speaker kit is easy, but not the other way around. Contact us if you have questions.

The magic with our ALP Haptics Kit is in the special wiring harness we include to fit perfectly between your existing ALP and the Backbox speaker connection. This harness safely extracts the audio and forwards it to the the amp and exciters in the front of the machine. For do-it-yourselfers, we do sell just the Haptics Harness by itself.

There are three versions of the ALP Haptics Upgrade Kit. The Deluxe Haptics Kit includes additional accessories to enhance using the haptics with your PC and can be selected for 2 or 4 speaker backboxes. The additions over the Standard Kit are: A two-input audio switch, ground loop isolator and 10 foot audio cable. A simple click of the button and your haptics will switch between build in ALP sounds and your dedicated PC sounds. This is especially useful for VPX tables and also FX3 and FP PinEvent tables set up with DOLFinx.

Shipping across North America is free. For overseas shipping, trying adding to cart to see rates and contact us with any issues. ** Shipping outside of North America will be available once we are caught up with the initial surge of orders. *** 

Our friend Jon at Wagner's Tech Talk has put an excellent install guide and video together to show both how to install our kit, but also what you can do with it. Please check it out before ordering:


If you have questions about this haptics kit, please contact us before ordering.

Please note: This is a 3rd party mod kit not endorsed by AtGames and installing it may void your warranty. We made every effort to make it both as safe and as easy to install as possible, but please read the install guide or watch the install video before ordering to ensure you are comfortable with the requirements. Any installation is at your own risk.

FAQ: How best to adjust settings to tune tables?

Use the FREQ to tune the rattle out of the ALP. Turn as high as you can. VOLUME is the bass volume - adjust as desired. TREBLE is the mix of Treble and BASS is the mix of BASS. The last VOLUME is the overall volume and the OFF switch.

As a general rule, keep TREBLE down to help emphasis the bass, but keep in mind that the bumper and flipper sounds do sound fuller with some treble in them. 
Some tables are going to be better than others when translating the full audio to haptics noises - there are limits. With VPX (and now FX3 and PinEvent FP tables) the separate haptics channels are much easier to tune since they are all effects.

What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Kit?

If you only want to use the haptics kit with the ALP tables, purchase the Standard kit. If you are planning to connect a PC, purchase the Deluxe kit. The Deluxe kit includes the audio switch. 

What is the audio switch used for?

The audio switch allows you to toggle between two audio inputs - either the audio coming from the HDMI input (ie. ALP sounds or main channel from OTG) or a dedicated audio port, usually connected directly to a PC audio port for OTG. This allows for dedicated haptics effects to be played directly to the haptics kit speakers.

What is the Ground Loop Isolator used for?

Many PCs and their video and audio cards are not well grounded and that can causing buzzing in the speakers. A Ground Loop Isolator will filter some of those frequencies and reduce that possible effect. Generally, positioning the isolator between the PC aux port and the amp or audio switch input is the suggested location. However, experimentation is certainly appropriate for individual configurations. Buzzing can also come from AC power not well grounded, so experiment with plugging adapters into power bars and also straight into the wall socket and test for changes.

My haptics sounds suddenly cut-out shortly after turning it on - what could be the reason?

The included amp has a bluetooth feature that will attempt to auto-connect to anything previously paired when turned on. Double check that no devices are paired and delete the connections to avoid this issue.