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Steering & Yoke Gaming Box Configuration

GRS Yoke, Thrustmaster T-80, T150 and Hori Wheels Configuration

*** Please Note: This project is actively being developed, so there will be some bugs and not everything will be 100% finished. Support for some controllers is still being added and improved. We welcome feedback and bug reports at info@buystuffstore.ca. See version history at the bottom of this page. Upgraded SD cards to the latest version will be available on an ongoing basis for $25 including shipping. ***

ALU Installation Video:

 More videos are available on Videos tab of our listing HERE

Specific Controller Configuration Notes:

Keep in mind that not every emulator allows for specific game options, so we sometimes have to compromise button settings, sensitivity setting etc. to accomodate as much as possible.

Basic Gaming Box Controller Buttons

Yoke Right Trigger = Wheel Gas/R2 button = Accelerate / Fire /  - the optional Yoke Pedal will usually be mapped to this button. Also Menu Forward in most games
Yoke Left Trigger = Wheel Brake/L2 button = Brake / Secondary fire. Also Menu Back in most games
Yoke Top Right Button = Wheel Right Paddle = Sometimes Menu Forward in game. Secondary button in most games.
Yoke Top Left Button = Wheel Left Paddle = Sometimes Menu Backward in game. Often Shift gear, or change view etc.
Menu Navigation - Up and Down on Yoke or D-Pad. Right Trigger/Gas/R2 load game.
Hit SELECT and START together to EXIT all games back to menu. See your controller below to check which buttons are assigned to SELECT and START.
Controls are kept similar between games as much as possible. However, that is not always possible, so some compromises have to be made. Experiment with different buttons if you are having trouble in certain games.
Shift gears - right top (Yoke) or Paddles (Wheels). If game has an action button, it will be mapped here and manual shifting is likely not possible.
On Wheel Controllers, some additional buttons may be mapped to the Square, X, Circle and Triangle buttons. 
Add and Remove Favorites - as of Beta 1.2, Long Press of Right Paddle (Top right on Yoke) adds/removes from Favorites menu 

Misc. Notes:

Dreamcast games not in Retroarch - For multiplayer games, player controllers need to be set manually. Hit Select, scroll to controllers and set the controllers to A, B, C respectfully. Video example to come.
Yoke Pedal - set by default to the player one controller - the letter "a". Can be changed - Player 2 is "h", P3 "j" and P4 "k"
T-80, T150 and Hori wheels are set-up with either Pedals conventional or Pedals INVERTED. This cannot be properly remapped in the field, so best to order the configuration you plan to use.
Many MAME games are not great with the T-150 unless deadzone is increased in settings. That will afftect other controllers however, so contact us for details.

Thrustmaster T-80 Playstation Controller Specifics:

SELECT/COIN is button toward bottom of controller named Option. START is button right right beside it.
There are two modes - racing and gamepad mode. You will want to be in gamepad mode for best compatibility. Gamepad mode is when the LED is flashing. To change modes, hold down the Playstation button when inserting the USB cable.
Make sure the selector switch is in PS3 mode NOT PS4.
There are also three sensitivity modes, symbolized by the Red, Amber or Green LED color. To switch between modes, click both paddles and up (or down) Dpad at the same time.
Some games will play much better with more or less sensitivity, so experiment to find your preference.
Special note for T-80 Ferrari 488 Wheel - this wheel is supported, but does not have a PS3 mode only PS4. The main issue is launching games with the Accelerator button/pedal - it will not work.
The solution is to hit Right Trigger and D-pad down to "Launch" or "Save States" and then hit Accelerator button/pedal and the game will launch.
One other issue with the T-80 488 Wheel - it is impossible to hit Select and Start at the same time on this wheel (toggle switch) so exit game is set to the Menu and Start button.

Thrustmaster T-150 Controller Specifics:

SELECT/COIN is button toward botton of controller named Option. START is button right right beside it.
Must be in PS3 Mode. Double check the toggle switch.
The T150 is a bit more challenging to use in some emulators. It has much less of a deadzone and is more sensitive than the other controllers. There are several ways to improve that.
There is a Retroarch setting that you can adjust. Contact us for details on that.
The T150 also has 5 modes of sensitivity which can be adjusted on the fly. D-Pad RIGHT and LEFT and the Mode button will cycle through them and you will notice the red light flash. 
1 Flash is most sensitive and 5 Flashes is least sensitive.

GRS Yoke Specifics:

SELECT/COIN is left (hidden) button on bottom of Yoke. START is right button on bottom of Yoke.
GRS Yoke must be in GamePad mode to work. If not responding properly, change modes by turning off the Yoke power (bottom button, upper right). Then hold down Select (bottom button, lower left) and turn Yoke power back on. That process will toggle between Mouse and Gamepad mode - see manual for more info.
If Yoke Vertical direction is opposite of what you like, hold down the K8 button (START - bottom button, lower right) for 10 seconds and the vertical axis will be swapped.
Limited amount of buttons on the GRS Yoke limits full functionality of some games. We tried to make them as playable as possible with the available buttons. It might be a better experience with Steering Wheels for some games.

Hori Controller Specifics:

Tested for Hori Mario Switch wheel and Hori Apex wheel currently
SELECT/COIN is "-" key and START is "+" key
Wheel has several adjustment settings as follows:
Hit Assign + ZR together for 180 degree mode. To go back to 270 degree mode, Hit Assign + ZL together.
To Adjust Dead Zone: Toggle Switch to DP. Then hold ASSIGN (3 sec) and hit "+" and then hit Down Arrow until Green
To Adjust Sensitivity: Toggle Switch to LS. Then hold ASSIGN (3 sec) and "+" and then hit Up Arrow until White

SPECIFIC GAME Controls or issues:

StarWars - Coin and Start are on the upper buttons instead of bottom buttons


June '22 -Alpha 0.9 - Initial release
July '22 - Beta 1.0 - Many, many changes and fixes. Hori and T150 support added. Multiplayer and Networking categories added.
Aug. 2, 2022 - Beta 1.1 - Few tweaks, Paperboy added. House of the Dead Start button fixed.
Aug. 6, 2022 - Beta 1.2 - Standardized versions for Normal and Inverted pedals for use with our Pedal Mount. Various game fixes and tweaks including: Battlezone controls, Spy Hunter Yoke controls, Ridge Racer 2 pedal, Crazy Taxi loading. Workaround for bug on certain T-80 controllers where "A" does not launch from game menu. (Right Paddle, select start game.) Moved favorites add/delete to long press of Right Paddle (Top Right for Yoke) button. Improved N64 Standalone controller support for Steering Wheels - Y Axis now mapped to Dpad
Aug. 9, 2022 - Beta 1.3 - Fixed Yoke pedal for Sega Rally and some other PSP games. Improved Hori Wheel support including standalone N64 games. Added additional network games, including some Yoke only. Now up to 31.
Aug 10, 2022 - Beta 1.4 - Few game tweaks, more games added to Networking - now 34. Ridge Racer 2 - fixed controls. Option for manual shifting with Controller B settings.
Aug 16, 2022 - Beta 1.5 - Few more bug fixes. Mod Nation Racers controls. Added Space Harrier. Added second StarWars using higher rez emulator
Aug 18, 2022 - Beta 1.6 - Added Sega 32X Virtual Racing. Few more tweaks.
Aug 22, 2022 - Beta 1.7 - Fixed up some Dreamcast Multi-player settings. Fixed some mapping on some Genesis games.
Aug 30, 2022 - Beta 1.71Removed newer StarWars and changed back Empire Strikes back - issues with the Yoke pedal driver crashing after playing StarWars.