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Welcome! To get on our wait list for either the Transforming TV Stand or ALP Backbox, please message your name and email.
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Steering Wheel Configuration Guide

These are the Steering Wheels confirmed to work natively with AtGames products (CoinOpsX and built-in games) at this time:
Thrustmaster T-80 Playstation model only
The configuration is slightly different for each one.

Thrustmaster T-80 Playstation model

The T-80 has two modes - Gamepad mode and Racing mode. For CoinOpsX, you will want to be in Gamepad mode - you know if you are in Gamepad mode if the light is flashing. A solid light means it is in Racing mode which may be better for some OTG gaming.
To change modes, Hold the PS icon button when plugging the USB in.
When in Gamepad mode, there are 3 levels of sensitivity. We find that the most sensitive - green flashing light - is best for most CoinOpsX games.
To switch sensitivity levels, press both paddle shifters and the down arrow at the same time. The flashing light will change to Green, Orange and Red.

AtGames Configuration

In order to use the T-80 with the AtGames products, you need to map the controls. Ensure that the pedals are connected to your T-80 and that the T-80 is connected to the AtGames USB port. You may need to use a USB hub.
You will see Thrustmaster T-80 listed under available devices. Select it and it will open up the Button Configuration screen.
CAUTION: There is a bug currently under review by AtGames that may prevent you from changing the Button Configuration after the initial configuration. Therefore, be sure to get it correct the first time to alleviate problems. If you get multiple instances of the same controller showing up and or controls get messed up, the only current way to solve it is to do a factory reset on your arcade or gamer.
Here is the suggested key mapping for non-inverted pedals, ie. is the pedals are flat on the floor:
Here is the suggest key mapping for inverted pedals, ie. using our pedal mount (Gas and Brake switch sides)
To change the mapping simple cursor to the appropriate keys and hit the button. Some of these buttons are personal preference, but most are the way they are for good reason. The last buttons are left blank because they are either duplicate keys, or you are able to use the control deck for those buttons.
Once you are sure your mapping is correct, scroll and hit SAVE. CAUTION - this might be the only time you can set this, so make sure you have it correct!
IMPORTANT: To open a game properly, be sure to select it using the GAS Pedal, and NOT the A on the control deck and the coin/start button on the wheel, not the control deck.
If there are some keys in certain games that you want to correct, you can use the key mapping built into CoinOpsX/AddonsX to change the configuration for just that game. Advanced users might be able to change the actual MAME settings on some UCEs, but that depends on which core made the UCE.
As the community focuses on tweaking racing games for CoinOpsX, we expect revised UCEs will come available that will improve the compatibility and experience as well as tutorials on how to best set up each game.