Welcome to our store! If you are on our ALP Backbox waitlist, feel free to contact us to see if we can get an order into production for you.
Welcome to our store! If you are on our ALP Backbox waitlist, feel free to contact us to see if we can get an order into production for you.
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Ridge Racer OutRun Amp panel installation

To install your drop-in Amp Panel for Ridge Racer or OutRun, please watch our video install and follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: If you are installing the 2.0 amp please be careful NOT to plug the Gaming Box into the SPKRS port - it can brick your Gaming Box. The port labeled "SPKRS" is ONLY for connecting the Stock Speakers. The port directly on the amp is the input for the Gaming Box. See Graphic below.
The 2.1 amp uses RCA connections, so it's much harder to make that mistake.


1. Remove the top back panel behind the speakers on your Ridge Racer/OutRun. On Ridge Racer, it's simply removing the two screws and lifting the panel off. The OutRun panel, unfortunately, is slotted so you will need to loosen the sides of your cab in order to get it pulled out.

2. Replace the panel with the BS Customs panel supplied in your kit. You may choose which side you want the amp on by rotating the panel (RR) or flipping it over (OutRun). Screw it back into place (RR) or tighten up the cabinet (OutRun).

3. Pull the wire from the stock speakers and the audio cable from your control deck (after modified with Gaming Box Kit) through the hole in the top panel.

4. The AC power adapter supplied should be threaded through the largest hole in the back of the cabinet before also pulled through the hole in the top panel.

5. Take the supplied amp and plug the cable from the stock speakers into the daughterboard on the amp marked "Speakers". Be sure to hold the daughterboard firmly while pushing the cable in fully, otherwise you might snap the pins holding the daughterboard in place.

6. Connect the audio cable into the audio input port. On the 2.0 amp, that is the 3.5mm jack on the amp, while the 2.1 amp has dual RCA connectors.

7. Attach the power cable to the daughter board, again carefully holding the daughterboard while you push it in.

8. Insert the amp into the slot, orientating the volume knob toward the top (unless you prefer it at the bottom) and screw it into place with the 4 supplied screws.

9. If you have the 2.1 amp kit, there is also a bass shaker supplied. That comes with a mount which you screw into place. We recommend horizontally on the bottom panel for stand-up models and vertically on the side or very back for sit-down models. The sub wire from the amp needs to be attached to the short wires on the bass shaker using the white screw connection terminal.

10. Plug the AC adapter into power, turn on the cabinet and test out the sound!