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Fast & Furious Mod Kit Configuration


Please CALIBRATE your pedals. See this video: Calibrate Pedals

A is menu forward and B is menu back.

To START a game, use GEARS 1 or 2 to select and press A to launch.

To EXIT any game, press START and COIN simultaneously


Please find all the info below on setting up your Fast & Furious Mod Kit.

We have several kits available, but the basic options are:

1. Encoder only - you will receive: the Encoder Board, 6 foot USB C cable, Power Harness and Stickers. Install the encoder board and connect to your PC or other front end system to run your games.

2. Encoder with Gaming Box - you will receive: the Encoder Board, 6 foot USB C cable, Power Harness, Power inverter, Audio cable, Gaming Box and Stickers. Install in your cabinet for a complete plug and play gaming solution.

Here is the complete install video:

We encourage you to test the connections before reassembling the machine. Here is a brief clip showing how to test the controls and also calibrate the pedals:

Other Required Options: 

1. HDMI converter board - the stock screen needs to be converted to HDMI unless you are replacing it. Audio out from the HDMI board is required for this mod - our previous HDMI board for RR/OutRun/Star Wars did NOT have audio out and will not work. If you chose our optional HDMI converter board, watch this video for installation. If you have an alternative board, the installation will be very similar except for the mounting. Be sure your alternate board does not short on the metal casing.

Reassembling your Cab:

We include helpful stickers to place on your control deck. Here is an examples of our suggested placement:



When the control deck, HDMI and sound are all sorted, you will be ready to re-assemble your cabinet. Here is a point in our install video that shows the wiring process to finish the mod.

Helpful Tips:

1. Once assembled properly, the POWER switch on your cabinet will control the power to the marquee, the monitor and the Gaming Box. 

2. There is a Shut Down menu on the Gaming Box. You access that by hitting START when in the main menu. That will turn the Gaming Box off, but not the main power to the marquee. To turn the Gaming Box back on, simply turn the POWER switch off and then on again. It is preferable to shut down with this method, but simply turning the power switch off will not likely cause corruption on the SD card in our experience.

3. Forward in menus and launching games is with the A button. Back in menus is the B button. Gear 1 and 2 will scroll through the game titles.

4. Add or Remove games to the Favorites Menu by holding down the X button for 1 second while on the game in the menu. A message will flash on the screen.

5. To exit any game, press START and COIN simultaneously.

6. In games, there will be a variety of ways to control the menus and start the games. This variance is both because different emulators function differently, and also because we have done creative mapping of controls to make the best use of the limited controls as possible, especially utilizing the Gear Shift.

Because of this, you will find Up and Down in the menus to commonly be Gear 1 and Gear 2. Gear 3 and Gear 4 will often be Item, nitro or for shifting gears. However, it is best to check our configuration page for all of the specific mapping we have done is listed per game. That is listed here: 


7. Every set of pedals from Arcade1up is slightly different, so you should calibrate them first thing. You should only have to do it once. To activate the pedal calibration, first turn the power switch off. (If using a PC build, you need to unplug the USB cable from the PC to power the encoder board off.) Press both Pedals completely down to the floor while holding down the A and B button. Then turn on the power switch (plug in USB for PC) and hold for 2 seconds. Then release the pedals and buttons. A new calibration should now be stored until you calibrate it again. Here is a quick video link showing the process: https://youtube.com/shorts/nnWmQk3AAJ4

 8. Our Fast & Furious Encoder board has the option for in-game wheel sensitivity adjustments. The process is simple - Hold down Y and B while hitting Gear 1 to decrease sensitivity and Gear 2 to increase sensitivity. The video below shows the process:

9. Our Fast & Furious Encoder board also has the option for in-game Wheel Deadzone adjustments. The process is simple - Hold down Y & X while pushing Gear 1 to decrease Deadzone and Gear 2 to increase Deadzone. This is the first adjustment to try when you want the game to respond more quickly to your Wheel movement to the left and right. It makes a very big difference in game playability for certain emulators.

To adjust Scanlines on the individual games, please watch this video for instructions.


Can't Start games from the menu, or the gas or brake pedals don't seem to work with some games.

CALIBRATE your pedals! 95% of our tech support issues are solved by simply calibrating the pedals. Hold A & B and the pedals down and turn on the machine. Wait 2-3 seconds and let go of the pedals. Also be sure that your pedal wire connection is securely fitted together.

Calibrating didn't seem to help or not all the buttons seem to be working correctly.

Plug the encoder board directly into a PC. Then run gamepad-tester.com and check all your buttons and pedals as shown on our install video above. Pedals should smoothly from 0 to 100. Make sure the gas is moving the Right Stick for our gaming box and Right Trigger if you are using a PC build. (Hold Y and A when turning the machine on or plugging in the USB cable to switch gas pedal modes.)

My Gas pedal is acting like the Brake and vice versa.

You may have switched to inverted pedal mode. Hold Y and B when turning the machine on or plugging in the USB cable to switch inverted pedal modes.

My pedals don't seem to work at all - they don't show anything in gamepad-tester.com.

If your pedals are plugged in properly, calibrated properly but not showing any indication of working, they might be deactivated. That options can be toggled by holding Y and X when turning the machine on or plugging in the USB cable.

My box boots up into the Android screen and not the Gaming Box.

First, reboot a couple times to make sure it's not a fluke.

Double check there is an SD Card in the slot. As long as there is, turn the box power off. Then find a toothpick, or paperclip or something long and skinny, and find the audio port at the back of the box.

Inside the audio port, at the very bottom, there is a little button. You will be able to feel it if you stick the toothpick in and fish around a bit. It’s a bit tricky, but give it a try.

You will need to hold that button down for about 3-5 seconds while turning on the power. Do not hold it longer (if you get into a scary Android boot menu, you held it too long - turn it off and try again.)

If successful, it will boot into Emulelec.

If it still boots into the Android desktop, then you will most likely need a replacement SD card.

I am getting stuttering when playing Dreamcast games for a long time or when the machine has been on for a while.

You may be experiencing thermal throttling, where the processor intentionally slows itself down to avoid overheating. We have released a small USB fan that is easy to install and greatly helps with that issue: USB FAN 

My volume is fine in the menus but too loud or too quiet in most of the games.

Launch a game like OutRun and hold COIN while pushing up or down on the Shifter. That will universally adjust the volume. Generally not a good idea (use your amp volume instead), but if it got adjusted, that is how to fix it.

I'm confused about the various encoder board options and settings.

We have a concise document showing all the various features with explanations right here: ffcheatsheet.buystuffarcades.com


Multi-player configuration:

*** Configuration TIPS coming SOON *****

*** If you find bugs in the games, please forward them to
info@buystuffstore.ca and we will look into correcting them if possible. ***